The academy is housed in 3 different blocks located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Founded in 2004, the academy was established and registered with the Ministry Of Education (MOE) and Ministry Of Tourism (MOT). It has a humble beginning and as such, we deliberately wanted it to grow gradually so as not to loose sight of our corporate vision and goal.

We envisioned a global institution strategically competitive in the fiercely fought tourist market. This strategy worked effectively as the college continued to grow by leaps and bounds as we continued to maintained a record student count since the early 2004 till the present. The local market seemed too little for this highly competitive sector and it was concluded that foreign students be incorporated into the college in order to strengthen the position of the academy.

Concerted efforts were channeled into this new territory which equally yielded positive result.

Nevertheless, this feat was not without some strains as permits from the Internal Affairs Ministry was difficult to be obtained, however, if it is granted, the recipient must accept and adhere to stringent regulations laid down by the immigration office. It was a milestone for the academy when the permit to recruit foreign students was finally granted by the Internal Affairs Ministry (KHEDN (S) 100/855/1/Klt 38(48) at the end of 2005. This marks a new era for the centre for it thrust itself towards a greater challenge in the much larger international education arena.

The academy premise is 5km away from the primary landmark of the country; the Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC). Accessibility to the college is excellent; from Monorail to LRT, these public transportations are all within short walking distance anywhere within the city while taxis and buses are all within arms length.

All lectures and courses are conducted in English and students are expected to have a fair understanding of both spoken and written English.

For students whose Basic English language skills are not sufficient enough for a diploma program, the college runs a preparatory English improvement programmed taught by experienced and well-qualified staff using progressive teaching method to meet this need.