Business Management

Business Management

This course is specially designed for those who wish to pursue their careers in clerical or administration level. This course will enable him/her to have a better understanding of office procedures, systems and office technologies. With the knowledge obtained from this course, it can be applied to other industries such as:

- Basic Accounting
- Administration and Business Management
- Computer Applications
- Business Communication
- Office Procedures

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

- Manage the overall office operations.
- Communicate effectively between individuals, departments, and customers.
- Prepare basic sets of accounts.
- Use computer to reduce paperwork in office
- Design various types of forms & documents.


- Business executive
- Personal assistant
- Customer services
- Office supervisor
- Secretary
- Shipping clerk
- Office administration
- General clerk in various fields

Candidates who are successful in the external examination will be qualified to be awarded with the Pitman Diploma for City & Guilds, UK.