Culinary Art

Culinary Art

Pusat Latihan Kulinari Maju (PLKM) offer students a quality culinary education that's affordable, convenient and supportive. Our flexible culinary program makes it possible for you to earn a Professional Certificate in the culinary arts field. We also have been leading the way by helping students to prepare for a variety of positions in restaurants, hotels, resorts, catering and corporate dining.

This course is especially important for students who desire practical knowledge in baking, kitchen safety, food budgeting as well as nutrition and menu planning. On completion of this course, the student will be qualified and prepared for future academic challenge.


- Fundamental of Cookery
- Fundamental of Baking
- Menu Planning
- Food Hygiene & Kitchen Safety
- Advance Pastry Making
- Industrial Cookery
- Nutrition Planning
- Budgeting, Costing & Control
- Restaurant Entrepreneurship
- Industrial Training

Upon completion of this program, he/she will:

- Develop a high standard of advanced culinary skill and good work organization.
- Develop discriminatory skills in the selection, cooking and presentation of food and food products.
- Develop an understanding of the application of scientific principles in food preparation.
- Aware of current theories and dietary needs which may modify attitudes and practice.