Ten Reason to Study in World-Point

Ten Reason to Study in World-Point

1. Recognition & Governance
World-Point is registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Education & Ministry of Tourism. Having fulfilled the requirements set by the above mentioned ministries, the quality of programs and courses offered are rest assured. In addition, the academy also obtained the permit to recruit international students. This underscores our commitment and quality of service.

2. Strategic Location
The academy is located at the heart of Malaysia- Kuala Lumpur.? The Petronas Twin tower is only 5 km away making our Academy easily accessible anywhere within the city.? Other than the LRT(Light Rail Train), all other modes of transportation are readily available.

3. Education Level
The courses offered center on the application of professional knowledge. In such practical approach, it offers student numerous opportunities to accumulate very many useful experiences in addition to their high quality theoretical lessons. In a relatively short period, students will be able to complete the required courses and obtain an internationally recognized AITA-UFTAA Diploma through an external examination.

4. Courses Meeting International Standards
After acquiring the internationally recognized Diploma, students may return to their respective countries or they may decide to work in any other countries as trained tourism professional. They may also further their studies in Malaysia or some universities abroad without much problems.

5. Study environment
World-Point states of the arts facilities are complete. This include: ?library, computer lab, meeting rooms, lecture halls and all other learning amenities. It is fully air-conditioned thus providing a conducive study environment; Friendly surroundings ensure study-friendliness.

6. Low fees
Based on current statistical figures, the cost of study for one year in World-Point is approximately RM 20,000 or less, that includes tuition, accommodation, food and transportation. It is only a fourth compared to the cost of study in England and certainly much lower than other European countries. A staggering saving of 50 - 70% in cost for similar courses. This translates into peace of mind and ease of financial burdens. For students coming from working class status, there is no better option.

7. Visas.
Malaysia adopts relatively more relaxed policies for incoming foreign students wishing to study in Malaysia. It requires no financial guarantees. Speedy student visas can be obtained when fundamental conditions are met. It usually takes 2 months or less once the confirmation of acceptance is issued from the academy. 99% chance of approval recorded.

8. Lingua franca
Malaysia is a commonwealth country and therefore English is widely used, it is also one of the official working languages although Bahasa Malaysia (Malay language) is the official language.

All courses are conducted in English. International students should feel at home with this environment.

9. Enrolment
As education systems vary across the globe, with diverse cultures and ethnicities, it does not make sense to apply strict rules when it comes to tourism studies. This is especially true when we consider the government’s commitment towards tourism development. Thus, no strict rules apply for international student enrolment. However, students must complete their secondary education or equivalent. Local students are required to complete their Form 5, Senior middle 2 or senior middle 3. Working adults with relevant working experience, fluency in English may also be accepted.

10. Bright prospect
World-Point is a household name in the tourism industry, more so in the travel agencies in Malaysia. Travel agencies look to World-Point for trained human resources to fill their senior appointments as the supply of competent labour? is at the lowest ebb; our’s have been tested and proven. Much the same goes to hotels, air lines and other tourism related organizations.