Pre Arrival Procedure

Pre Arrival Procedure

International students are mandated to provide the following information to World-Point International Student Relations Department at least 10 days before departure. You may do so by fax (+603 4270 4155) with attention to “International Student Relations Department” OR email to [email protected]

a. Arrival Date
b. Arrival Time
c. Airline and Flight Number
d. Airport Name. (i.e. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) OR Sepang LCC Terminal (LCCT))

World-Point Academy shall not be held liable or responsible for failure to provide the requirements above.

International student are advised to double-check all necessary documents ?before scheduled departure from the airport:

- Original copy of Letter Of Visa Approval or Valid entry Visa
- International students may be required to complete fill in Malaysian Disembarkation Card which is distributed by the airline crew or at the arrival airport.

World-Point International Student Relations Officer or Representative
will welcome the student at the Airport Immigration Clearance Point. Please note that international student are not able to pass through the immigration without the certification of the representative from World-Point Academy.

For easy Immigration Clearance, the international students are advised to produce their valid passport, Letter of College Admission, Letter of Visa Approval, all upon arrival before baggage claim.

The newly arrived international students are expected to report at the World-Point International Student Relation Office and fill in the following forms:

- Fill- up Relevant Form
- Student Personal Particular Form
- Sign the Student Declaration form

Newly arrived international students are also expected to submit their passport and visa fees for student visa processing. In the meantime, international students are provided with a certified true copy of the passport and a receipt pending endorsement at the Malaysia Immigration Department