Tourism Management


This course is designed for those who wish to manage the tourism business and become business supervisors or managers in the travel agency or travel related companies. This necessary business skills in tourism industry, when gained, will enable the participants to have an added advantage as well as competitive edge over other rivals in the market.


Level 1

- Structure of Tourism Industry
- World Destinations
- Travel Agency Operations
- Hotel Industry
- Statistics

Level 2

- Basic Accounting
- Administration & Business Management
- Tourism Operation Studies
- Tour Operations
- Strategic Marketing

Upon completion of this program, he/she will be able to:

- Design strategic planning
- Increase the quality of operation in the tourism business.
- Handle documents and administrative procedures.
- Execute strategic marketing plan and pricing.
- Calculate & control business operation cost.
- Gather all the tourism components into tour packages.
- Communicate effectively between departments in tourism business.


- Operate own travel agency
- management staff in travel agency
- Travel agency counter staff
- marketing staff in travel industry
- Tour desk coordinator
- supervisor in travel agency
- Customer service