This course is designed for students wishing to pusue a career in the travel and tourism industry and those wishing to familiarize themselves with the industry basics.Tthis course contains the following modules:

- The Travel & Tourism Industry And The Travel Professional
- Geography in Travel Planning 1
- Travel Formalities
- Land Transport - Rail 1
- Land Transport - Car and Camper
- Hotels
- Water transport - Ferry & Cruise
- Tours Packages 1
- Air Transport Essentials
- Customer Service
- Technology in the Travel industry 1
- Air Fares and Ticketing 1
- Electronic Booking Tools (EBT)

These modules provide the students with the Foundational basics and an understanding of the travel and tourism industry, which encompass the practicalities of a travel professional, the importance of exceeding with related subjects such as: industry regulations, codes, world geography, air fares, ticketing, visa and health requirements, as well as tour programmes.


- A professional course that is recognized world wide
- Able to use the title of “DTTF” if the successfully pass the external examination.
- Qualifies to apply for the Travel Agent ID card, which entitles one for a reasonable discount when traveling.

*(Terms & Conditions apply)

- Candidates who pass the external examination successfully will be awarded with a Diploma from IATA-UFTAA (CANADA).


- Travel agency
- Tour desk staff in hotel
- Ticketing staff
- Tour operator
- Ground staff in airport
- Tour coordinator
- Staff in cruise
- Customer service
- Tour leader
- Operate own travel agency