Outbound Tour Operation

Outbound Tour Operation

Like the Inbound Tour, this course is also designed for students who intends to runs a travel company and offer tour packages for local tourists going to overseas for excursion or for tour. It’s equally important for those who desire to be employed in a travel agency that runs such an operation.

In this course, various aspects of the outbound operations will be covered and at the end , the student will be able to design, conduct and manage the outbound tour operations.


- Introduction to Outbound Tour Operation
– Operation of Outbound Travel Service
- Administration of Outbound Tour

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

- Negotiate with the suppliers and wholesalers.
- Calculate the cost for the packages.
- Execute the outbound tour operation.
- Prepared all the necessary documentation for traveling overseas.
- Analyze the satisfaction of the customer.


- Outbound tour coordinator
- Tour leader
- Outbound tour operator
- Tour consultant
- Tour reservation staff
- Customer service