Tourism Consultant

Tourism Consultant

This course is designed for working adults who wish to understand the complexity of the tourism operation industry and other related industries. It is also relevant for those wishing to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the tourism industry.


- World Geography
- Tour Production
- World Rail Transport
- International Travel Law
- Tourist Road Transport
- Coach
- Selling Technique
- World Accommodation
- Fare Calculation & Ticketing
- Cruises

Upon completion of this program, he/she will be able to:

- Run the travel agency business & operation smoothly
- Understand various international laws governing the tourism business.
- Understand the world major attractions.
- Coordinate the tour arrangement.
- Learn effective skills of sales and negotiation.


- Travel agency
- Tour consultant
- Tour manager
- Customer services
- Tour coordinator
- Staff in cruise
- Supervisor in travel industry
- Tour operator
- Ticketing staff
- Ground staff in airport
- Counter staff in travel agency
- Operate own travel agency