Tourism English

Tourism English

For students who are not proficient in the use of the English language, or who do not have the basic knowledge of the English language, this course will certainly be a formidable hurdle to cross. This is because the tourism course is conducted in English. Realizing this pressing need, we have developed a course aimed at solving this fundamental problem.

The teaching approach for this course is basically hinged on the interest shown by the students in the areas of travel and tour, where a tour package encompasses routine conversation with multiple parties who are also involved in the entire process. This process is more of a chain of activities, starting from the moment when the idea of having a tour is initiated, to the point of home coming from a tour adventure. It involves talking to many peoples in the process: from a friend who shares the same idea of having a tour, to a booking clerk in a travel agency; to the tour leader; even to the air hostess, the tour guide, the tourist, and many more who are all involved in the whole process.

This will present many interesting scenarios and the English course will take advantage of these situations to induce and stir conversation using the English language. Naturally, in this preliminary stage, we expect beginners in the language to make mistakes and errors; it is welcomed at this point because it’s part of the whole idea to allow these mistakes or errors so that we would ascertain particular area to be given much attention.

Every conversation invokes the main subject of leisure travel and this will drive away the monotony of learning the basics of English grammar like the nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs and so on. In a nutshell, the target is to make English studies more palatable and fun to learn through the use of travel and tourism topics.

The following topics will be used in the Tourism English Course:

- The Development and History of Tourism
- Tourism Marketing
- The Organisation and Structure of Tourism
- Travel Agent
- Travel Operator
- Travel by Air
- Travel by Sea, River Cruses and Ferries
- Tourist Information